When you can’t wait for the beep beep sound of a truck backing up the driveway for a big freight delivery…..

I know. You think I’m waiting for that snazzy new leather sofa I’ve been drooling over. (Phhht, nope! Not until the old gnarly one I have disintegrates,..surely years from now)

No, dear reader, I’m waiting for Winston. Yes….Winston.

My new horse.


I know, I know….real horses, especially dream horses, get delivered in horse trailers. That didn’t work out so well for me. More later, in another post, on dream horses and how dreams can change in seconds…(spoiler alert, cooler minds prevailed, and a bad situation was prevented!…Faith found Mercy and Grace)

No, Winston is a wooden horse, my dreamy buckskin, specifically, an EQUICIZER!

OH My! The excitement!

I’ve always wanted to be able to ride a horse in the house … there, I said it!

An Equicizer is a mechanical, wooden horse that simulates the walk, trot and canter through the core body movements of the rider.

Beyond cool, he sports a carved horse head, a lovely mane and a strong body mounted on a sturdy platform with wheels….. the perfect rehab piece of equipment. And fun!!!

Which brings me to rehab. Fun rehab!

I haven’t ridden in over six months, and I fractured my wrist 3 months ago. Aaaannnnd I suffer from rider anxiety the longer I am away from riding.

I NEED Winston!

The purpose of this blog is to document and share my journey back to rider fitness with Winston and my Level 3 Western Dressage AQHA mare, Genuine Arctic Spring, aka Belle.

I’ll be sharing about the challenges and obstacles senior riders face, and ways to overcome or compensate…with an eye on fitness, nutrition, classical training principles with Winston and Belle, coaching from clinicians and judges, and a bit of proven research.

And LOTS of faith. Because frankly, only God can turn beauty from ashes.

So, the next post…after Winston arrives! I promise pictures too!

Waiting for that beep beep beep…..