Learning How to PIVET…when many are tempted to PANIC!

My new website!

Ok….it’s been a loooong minute between blogs.


Everything has changed…

…and just when we thought life was getting a bit calmer!

Phhht! The old saying sure is true.

The only thing you can count on not changing is Change.

I don’t need to review the list, yours is just as long as mine, probably longer.

How we all go about life has changed, a lot. But then I remember we weren’t promised a life without difficulty and sorrow.

It’s how we Deal With It that makes the difference.

So…being the eternal optimist with a heavy dose of practicality packed in…I tend to look at things a bit differently, albeit through the eyes of an artist and woman of faith.

Here are the things I had to release.

*Expectations of riding my new mare Kit with the same goal driven performance plan I had with Belle.

It’s actually been quite freeing. Kit needed a lot of emotional and physical support. She was mentally shut down, tight muscled and defensive about her body…and exhibited symptoms of ulcers and hormone problems.

A complete overhaul of her feed program, 6 months of low key living and I now have a completely different mare. Once we get her non-sweating problem solved we are good to go back into conditioning and training. The non-sweating is a biggy here in Florida with feels like temperatures consistently over 100!

*Another release I made was the notion that I was going to be selling my art successfully at horse shows and Equine events all over Florida.

No horse shows, no outdoor festivals, no events, galleries closing down….

This, my friends, is huge… because being “me” means creating art. And I haven’t stopped creating.

But my work started stacking up…and I prayed for the Lord to show me how to PIVET not PANIC!

Enter a fantastic artist platform called Artstorefronts. I started attending Zoom calls every chance I could, and learned a few things about myself. Well…a lot. And I signed up to build myself a new presence! What I learned….

1. Artists (me included) stink at marketing!

2. Artists still create in the best and worst of times, it’s what we do. But we rarely approach others and share about our job. It IS my job.

3. When it comes to a challenge to do things better, smarter, more efficiently….I’m on it! I just didn’t realize that applied to my selling art!

So….here I am, now with a new mindset.

Say hello to Deb Herbert: Artist/Entrepreneur!🤛

Soooo many things I’m learning to do, to be better at or to toss out with my old way of thinking.

It’s all very exciting!😜 And….by golly, it’s fun! Alright, to see my new mindset in action, visit my Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/debherbertart

And don’t forget to see my website, even my art has been transforming!🎨

Each piece has a back story or purpose…. and the story is important not only for context but for appreciation and understanding.

So…new mindset, a grateful heart, and a way to honor my Creator.

AND….if you curious, yezzz…still sugar free, grain free, legume and most fruit free (except Granny Smith apples and berries).

All organic, grass fed and finished, lots of homemade everything!

And feeling fantastic!


Let me know! I missed you.

(That Cool New Website!)



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