Catching you up has meant catching me up. Well, best as I can…

Between a big hurricane scare for us (pray for the Bahamas!), a small equine health concern and lots of art to finish, I put writing on the back burner.

Don’t worry, I already beat myself up enough for both of us!

I left off telling you about the redheaded mare I had an appointment to go see. Gulp.

The very same one with the history that read:

  • Mare!
  • Red Head!!!
  • Off the track racing quarter horse!!!!!

ALL exactly what I had sworn to myself I wasn’t going to even consider!

But her ad description and subsequent conversations with her owner convinced me otherwise.

So I found myself driving north 45 minutes to meet Kit and her seller, Janet.

No problem finding the barn, or Janet…who was immediately someone I liked. Good sign.

She brought me over to meet Kit, still in her stall munching hay. Another good sign.

The pre ride introduction was very thorough, and Janet even loaded Kit on her trailer to show how easy going she is. Good sign.

I had already told Janet I intended this to be a “meet and greet” only, which was fine with her. She proceeded to amaze me by fully showing Kit being tacked up, warmed up properly and walk, trot and canter….in both Western and English tack! Great sign!

Kit was calm, easy going…and I loved all three of her gaits. I videotaped everything. With a running dialog between Janet and I included.

(To show my trainer, my judge friend and to remind myself I was actually, really, truly….liking THIS mare!)

After chatting with Janet while she untacked, I asked if I could come back in a week with my trainer and ride Kit. Yes….no problem.

All was wonderful and I drove home thinking, Lord….? Wow!

The next appointment to see Kit literally felt like hours instead of a week later.

Karen, my trainer, commented…with a sideways glance as we pulled into the barn gate…that I seemed “remarkably calm”.

I had to admit that I had taken enough homeopathic calming drops to properly sedate an elephant!


The Ride!

Introductions, tacking up and Janet’s brief demo ride went beautifully. Karen suggested she hop on first (she KNOWS me so well) and she walked and trotted about, talking to Kit and us as she went through some little “asks” to see how Kit would respond.

Then, rode up to me and said ….”she’s very nice Deb, sensible, go ride her!”

And I did. And I didn’t freak out, and I enjoyed myself. Glory!!!

As we were untacking Kit, I asked Janet if I could let her know in a few days what I decided. No problem! She (Kit) wasn’t going anywhere. Whew.

After our first ride together!

And sooo….after much prayer, discussions with my wise friends Karen and Carol….I made an offer to Janet.

And, my word!…she accepted it!

Things that needed to happen….my vet needed to look her over, she needed new front shoes and thank goodness, Janet offered to deliver her.

Miraculously that all aligned on the same stormy day at my barn within an hour after her arrival.

Kit seeing herself in my barn mirror for the first time…awe….

Well. So there. I am the extremely proud mamma of a highly accomplished red headed mare.

Who’d a EVER thunk it!!!

Kit is, in every sense of the word, the horse God meant me to have. Janet, who is now my friend (♡) even said so. I trust her, lol!

And our journey has begun.

Am I still an anxious rider?

After 10 years riding one horse, and then not riding for over a year, I’d be lying if I said no.

But it’s getting better, because of my red headed mare!

So believe this!

And, a couple of nice updates on the art business side of my life. I had two pieces juried into the “Florida’s Finest” art exhibition at the Sarasota Art Center. And I completed one of my favorite wild mustang pieces to date…


Next blog…..lessons being learned.

Being “present”….

Finding Kits’ heart….

And to you, friend?

Big hugs, for you are truly appreciated and loved!

(Let me know what you think!)

Addendum! Ok…hoisting that snazzy dressage saddle…no problem!

That new black Harmony Western Dressage saddle with the dressage rigging…. another thing entirely! Ack!

Guess I need to get back to lifting weights…get it going with my work out partner Winston the Equicizer!

Yup….10 pound weights….lots of reps, while posting the trot.

More on that later! Hugs!

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