Deep joy, despite the circumstances! A promise from scripture.

In the last post I shared my dilemma….no sound/rideable horse in my 3 horse pasture (well, granted…the mini horse Prince Caspian isn’t a riding candidate!).

I also had spent some serious time contemplating whether or not I was meant to be an Equestrian anymore. Big questions, and….not a clue as to what the right answer should be.

I finally decided that an object in motion was far more apt to run into something than a stationary object!

So….bless Karen’s heart…I dragged her to go look at a local horse for sale. I told her straight up that I didn’t want to ride the horse, (and, no, unless it was perchance a miracle…was pretty sure it was NOT going to be a fit)…

I just needed to physically and mentally start the process of looking at other horses. We looked, I told the nice lady thank you, I walked with Karen, who is the most patient and understanding trainer ever, back to our trucks, and I cried.

Recipe edit insert! It was here that I needed chocolate! Dark chocolate! Ok, headed home to whip up this 5 minute fix!

1 cup organic coconut oil

1 cup organic cacao powder

1 tsp organic real vanilla extract

Organic Stevia to taste (I use Sweet Leaf)

Walnuts, unsweetened coconut, organic almond butter, gluten free oatmeal…..whatever healthy add in you like!

Combine the coconut oil and cacao powder in a saucepan, stir to combine over low heat. Take off stove and stir in stevia and vanilla. Cover a cookie sheet with parchment. Pour the chocolate mix over and spread out. Top with your nuts, oatmeal, etc…

Place in the refrigerator until hardened, then break up into bark size pieces. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator for a week or as long as it lasts. Trust me, won’t be long! Healthy fats, antioxidant rich, so good!!! You’re welcome!

It was official. Belle was retired and I was looking for another horse.

I figured it this way…if the right horse was out there…the Lord would make it extremely clear which one it was meant to be. Right?

Enter scene 2, Deb browsing through

My criteria:

  1. No mares
  2. No red heads
  3. No off the track or former games horses. (First 3 non-negotiable!)

I was pretty open to height (between 15.1 and 16.1) breed and experience. However, with temperament, on a scale of 1 to 10, between a 1 (read gramma safe) and 3, the more towards 1 the better!

I began my search in a hundred mile radius.

And one horse kept coming up.

And I’d skip it and keep looking.

But I’d keep going back to reread the ad.

The reason I kept skipping this horse was a no brainer….it was a

redheaded former racing quarter horse MARE!!!

Really Lord?

(A recent drawing in progress. This one from the Paardverzameld Collective Challenge. A wonderful international equine artist group of which I am a proud member)

Sure….they’re great subject matter for art…but a riding horse? I’d been hurt badly once by a redheaded mare I once owned! Nope. Not again!

It took me a week just to come to grips that maybe I really wasn’t in charge of knowing what’s best from Gods’ point of view…sooooo, I called the gal.

And sure enough, her redheaded mare sounded really amazing, and frankly, so did she! They had accomplished so much together!

But… gulp, she was having second thoughts about selling her because she still had some goals she really wanted to accomplish with her mare Kit.

Sigh…..of course.

I imagined then that I was meant to see this ad, and talk to this gal, so I could be shown that there ARE still great horses out there. And I had to trust God to help me find the right one.

So I continued to read ads, and then friends who heard I was “officially looking” started sending me sale notices.

I called on a couple, but nothing really sounded right. Patience is not a problem for me…as long as I’m moving forward. But it seemed like I was circling Cincinnati so to speak.

I kept thinking about that one horse…the one that was the opposite of what I was looking for.

Finally, two weeks later, out of the blue….I decided to text the gal. I mentioned that if she ever changed her mind, to please let me know. I was having a hard time finding a match for me, and her horses’ temperament and experience seemed suited for me at my, ahem, stage in life.

She was very kind, and wrote that she had a couple of shows she was planning on going to with the mare, and if she changed her mind after the shows…she’d let me know.

But then this happened.

After a bit…. she texted me back, and ended her amazing text to me with these words…..

It’s not right to pray for the right person, Kits person, to come along and then get cold feet.

If you are serious, let’s talk.

I was at the Dunkin Donuts, walking towards my truck. Dazed, I got in and sat there in wonder. Did I just read that right?

Ummmm, Lord? Would you really do this? For me?

And a wonderful conversation started between Janet and I. She texted me more information about her mare, and some incredibly beautiful photos taken at shows.

She agreed to let me come meet them after her last scheduled show.

The plan: just drive up to meet the mare and she would ride Kit for me to see what she was like.

More about “the meeting” in the next blog post!

While all this was happening I was also on a creative roll, and had the absolute need to paint and draw everyday! Here are a couple more pieces.

(Both images were referenced from photos by Gary Odell)

And while painting, and searching for a new riding partner, the Lord led a former student’s mom to contact me. She designs web sites, she is an artist also…and did I need a web site builder per chance?

Can you say OH YES!!!!

This week she and her wonderful son came out, we talked art, played with dogs, ate healthy snacks and talked about what I’d like my website to look like.

And I have a new friend!

God is good! And a new beautiful website will be up when ready. With a gallery, a way to order commissions, prints or buy originals!

The Lord knows He must provide if the horses are to stay in my life. So I trust Him to do that!!!

Make sense?

Proverbs 3:5,6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your steps.”

Never doubt that for a second. I know from personal experience, it is far better to give up control to the One who IS in control!

Thanks for reading friend….more about “meeting the mare” next time!


  1. Love what God is teaching you and that you are willing to trust Him for what’s the best pony partner for you!
    I owned a redhead mare and much to my own surprise- I LOVED her! I didn’t fully realize how much I loved her until I sold her. My herd was getting too big and i had to start thinning it out, as per hubby’s request.
    But the Lord provided the perfect match in a home for her and that is comforting!


  2. I loved your post. I was looking for my first horse at age 50 last year. I wouldn’t look at chestnut mares. Then my coach found Lexi, and we just went to “look” at her. I bought her then and there, my only regret is we hadn’t taken the horse trailer with us and had to go back for her in a few days. She is amazing and im sooo thankful I get to be her person LOVE my chestnut mare!! 💕


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