The thin line between wondering and wonder…(or; How I almost quit riding and a redhead saved me!) Part 1

I apologize. Really…truly and sincerely.

This “50 plus Equestrian” had a major life lesson that apparently had to be taught to her, and as you know…those are often not pleasant, but very necessary.

Funny how we think life lessons are for the young, right?

My silence on this blog was self imposed because I was hurting emotionally and felt it was too negative to share. But in hindsight, whenever God does something, and you learn from it, ummm duh, SHARE!…and you could have experienced perhaps a bit of the wondering and wonder as well!

So, to put things back in order in this post, let me share with you what led up to the cacophonous silence.

You may recall this blog began as a documentary of my rehab from a broken wrist, preparing for an exciting new horse to arrive and hopefully compete at rated shows.

My wonderful Equicizer “Winston” was, and is, an integral part of my journey back to fitness.

(One of my recent oils, 16×20, on panel)

Then, the unthinkable happened and I discovered the gorgeous mare I bought had been sold to me under fraudulent circumstances.

Thankfully the Lord worked all that out!…Oh my!

Thank you God! That mare was “returned to sender.”

I was left with my recently retired AQHA mare and slim hopes of bringing her back to show fitness.

I blogged about our journey, my own health and fitness discoveries and my exercise sessions with Winston.

Things were beginning to come together with Belle (“the AQHA Princess”) and my personal goals.

And then Belle basically decided she couldn’t do it anymore.

(The little herd, Belle is the bay with blaze….)

And I wasn’t going to try to make her…giving multiple monthly shots and regular hock injections are not my equine health management style. Belle was telling me she was done.

The day I got on and started walking her away from the block and she just stopped, refusing to move, I knew. She’s officially retired and she’s earned the privilege.

And so, I had a big decision to make. I spent a lot of time praying and wondering what the Lord wanted me to do.

When you own horses….but you can’t ride any of them, are you still an “Equestrian”?

Was I supposed to give up my riding goals and journey with dressage, and just focus on my art?With the dressage ring in the back pasture, every day in the barn was a constant prompt to ask the question I kept asking….”what now Lord”?

In the meantime, my overall health has improved because my new eating lifestyle has become just that…a healthy habit.

No sugars, no grains, extremely limited dairy, no potatoes or starchy vegetables. No yeast, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. No alcohol. All organic and grassfed or wild caught (not farmed)

Guess who has lost 16 pounds and feels terrific!

Breakfast the other day…and no cheating, that bread is grain and yeast free! Millet seed bread! Super yummy and tastes like a good Italian bread…fab discovery!The shopping, cooking and baking is now a breeze!

But…..Being in an “in between” place can be taxing emotionally.

Wondering, can I really afford to financially support another horse, am I too old to have these crazy riding goals, should I just be happy making art….should I get out of horses completely…

A decision had to be made.


So, more to share, to let you know what the Lord did (and is still doing)…….in the next blog!

I missed you!

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