“What’s in that stuff?”

Karen was laughing when she called out to me as I was free lunging Belle in the round pen. I had to laugh too as I had just told her that Belle had been given her Summit shot the day before. And boy was she feeling good!!!

After a few minutes of high flying bucks, and VERY forward trots and canters, “Her Majesty” settled down to a dignified middle-aged mare disposition and was ready to tack up.

Remember, this is the mare that is known for her snail crawl walk to the riding ring that I lovingly refer to as “the death march of her people…”

Honestly, I have a different horse now than I’ve had for the last 2 1/2 years! Thank you Summit!


And folks….I’m riding walk, trot, canter on a consistently happy mare, ummmm…mare owners…you KNOW that is miraculous!

So while I am completely overjoyed at this turn around, Karen (world’s best trainer and friend) and I are making Belles’ “coming back into full work” rides a very carefully thought out plan each week.

Because we want Belle to STAY happy!


You know what? As I reflected on our conversation later that same evening, it occurred to me that I have been asking that very same question a lot lately!

What’s in that stuff???

As, what’s in:

β€’The boxes, cans and packages I pick up at the grocery store…specifically, what exactly is the labeling telling me. And NOT telling me! By the way….sugar, or any of its hidden forms like sucralose, syrups, fructose, natural cane syrup, sugar alcohols, etc…is in nearly everything!

β€’ What’s in the produce I’m buying? Is it Non GMO? Is it Organic? Is it sustainably produced?

β€’ What’s in the coffee I drink? How is it processed?

β€’ What are the ingredients in that meal I’m about to order at that restaurant?

β€’ What’s in that spray or cleaning product I’m using?

β€’ What’s in that medication or over-the-counter remedy? And what are its side effects?

β€’ Is that repeat dental x-ray really necessary?

Ok, it’s not that everything is questionable…but I’ve become a very informed and curious consumer!

Hence, better choices all the way around, with benefits for our health and our budget.

It really does make a difference!

Keto inspired grain and sugar free chocolate chip cookies! Yummers! Yes, you can eat sugar free and enjoy it!

And organic eggplant parmesan with grass fed beef and organic sauce.

Healthy is definitely delicious!

As new lifestyle changes have now become habits, these last 5 months of being sugar, grain and processed food free have been easy and fun, besides the fact that both hubby and I are feeling great!

Shopping is now an adventure, finding new markets is great fun…and cooking at home, well…it really resembles gourmet cuisine, without the high prices! Win, win!!!

By the way…as hubby and I were shopping one morning at our local “healthy choices” grocery, I reached in a frozen food case and pulled out two cauliflower pizza crusts and popped them in the cart.

Hubby looked shocked and said, “I’m not going to eat that!!!”

“Honey’, I replied, ‘you’ve been eating them for three months!”

His eyes got big as saucers, and he shook his head. “Just don’t tell me what I’m eating from now on, ok?”

It’s a deal, dear.


Now, a friendly riding tip from Winston and me!


Yup….happy gal!

And VERY busy making art!

Here is a look at a recently completed colored pencil piece of a lovely little dressage pony.

He’s away getting scanned right now so I can have some giclees or limited edition prints as an option in the future.

Speaking of the future…not one of us can predict it, or guarantee anything. Right?

Only the Lord knows what’s in store for each of us. Truth! So….I’m planning on living each day I’m gifted with, in joy and hope!

What do your plans for each day look like?

Do you wake up thinking “Oh good Lord!, it’s morning already?”, or do you wake up thinking…

“Good morning Lord! This day is yours, show me your way please!”

One thing I can guarantee….

it will always be an adventure!

Happy New Year friends!

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