SWEET… (Results!)

Merry Christmas!

And oh my WORD y’all!!!

Big changes and big news!

Backtrack a bit with me as I remind myself, and also you, dear reader…for the reason this little blog exists.

I really wanted to document my progress getting to a place of personal health and fitness, share the ups and downs exploring ways to bring my heart horse Belle back to soundness, and also share the products and information I’ve learned about through this lonnnngggg process.

And…a look back over all my blogs this past year has been a mixture of sweet nostalgia and unvoiced frustration. And a sequence of life lessons the Lord had lined up for me.

I think people of faith have all heard the saying:

“nothing happens by accident”

Can I hear a big AMEN!

So let’s see….

  • January, 2018: I bought a beautiful Andalusian mare that was to be the dream horse. (My AQHA mare was completely unsound and we had tried nearly everything)
  • Then double whammy, I fractured my wrist in a fall unloading 120 pound hay bales and also found out that the “dream horse” was not meant to be sold as a dressage horse! With a broken heart, after a couple of months…she went back to the previous owner.
  • Found my Equicizer “Winston” through a complete God thing on Craigslist…had him sent to Frankie at Equicizer to check over and then ship to me. https://equicizer.com
  • I rehabbed my wrist, my core strength and my heart riding Winston…and The 50 plus Equestrian blog and Facebook page were born.
  • Also during the last few months as some health challenges arose, I documented lifestyle nutritional changes and their impact on my life.
  • Finally…I also documented going through various interventions with Belle, from using supplements, Adequan shots, to getting her hock injected…all apparently to no avail.


But now the good news! My mare is sound! More on that with the video!

On the health front…in my last blog I shared the various tests my new family doctor had ordered to get an overall health baseline, and that I still needed one. The dreaded colonoscopy.

Blech! But…being the good trooper that I am…I followed through.

Of course the last test is always the ONE with the info you are looking for, right?

Sure enough, THAT Dr. said…you’re good to go, see you in 10 years. And… you have Diverticulosis. (No polyps, tears, etc…but this explains the stomach pain I was having)

Take away from all this?

God IS in control.

Finding Doug Kauffman and Knowthecause.com is a huge blessing, and finding a natural treatment for Belle (Summitt chondroitin injectable) is incredible!



1. I rode Belle for the first time in months and now have a riding plan for her journey back to Western Dressage competition (if the Lord is willing!)

2. I have lost 10 pounds and counting….whoop!

3. I am completely sugar and grain free and have been for over 2 months! NO CRAVINGS!!! Really!

(Incredibly yummy pumpkin muffins, this recipe is on the Knowthecause.com site, as well as many other sugar free, mycotoxin free recipes!)


5. Also I’ve been making many new works of art, paintings, drawings, portraits…I get excited to share each new one and build my Hearthstone Studio business! (dherbertart/fb)

Who knew being a full time creative could be so much fun!!!

There is No Way anyone can predict the path that the Lord has set before each of us.

But I do know that if you learn something from crawling, walking or running on that path you should share the lessons!

So like this little Hereford calf I painted…I’m resting secure. Trusting. And living my life verse from Philippians….

“Be anxious for nothing, but with all prayers and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace that passes all understanding will be yours in Christ Jesus.

….Whose birthday we are celebrating very soon!

Let’s plan to remember who is the real reason for the season!

Merry Christmas dear friends!

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