Less…is WAY more!

It began as a general bleh feeling. Then more brain fog than my usual artsy creative late night marathons produced…

And then, a pain in upper belly with swelling. Unusual cravings for sweets, oats, carbs and blue chips with anything.

Something wasn’t right in Kansas and my body was telling me to pay attention.

Ok….I am positively phobic about dental work…and I knew I had a really bad tooth I had to deal with. Could that be what was causing my problems?

I pulled on my big girl boots and headed into the new dentist my hubby absolutely loved. Yup….”girl, that tooth has gotta go”…

Um…rats. So I made an appointment to remove the nasty abcess causing molar. Antibiotics planned, etc… Phht…

And future $$$ to save to have yet another implant added to the three I already need. Thanks rotten gene pool!!!

But, in my reading, and random recipe browsing, I came across diet, health issues and antibiotics all in the same site.


I have had tons of antibiotics over the years…who hasn’t. Let’s see….for multiple cases of strep, mycoplasma pneumonia, oral surgery a few times, shingles, multiple bladder, yeast or kidney infections…

Wait a minute….I consider myself a super healthy person! I eat clean, take no meds, do take great supplements and I exercise!

Come on!!!


And then I stumbled upon this website. And my life took a 180.

Not fully realizing what ALL those antibiotics had been doing to my gut was, well….shocking.

And from how I was feeling…it was all beginning to make perfect sense.

Fungus infection… and it was literally taking control over me!

I made an appointment with a new D.O. and asked for a routine “haven’t been to a doc in a long time” check up. She is a very sweet and thorough gal.

I explained my symptoms and she did a physical, pap, ordered blood tests, and a stomach and lower GI ultrasound. Inconclusive, not remarkable. (I wasn’t offended!)

Then….she ordered a cat scan and a mammogram for good measure. Normal. (thank you Lord!!!)

Finally…the next test is a colonoscopy. Ack.

Unwanted, but necessary. My dad died of colon cancer at 62.

So….while all this was happening in the space of a month, between my first dentist visit, my tooth being pulled and all those tests, I made a huge life changing decision.

Go unconventional, get radical.

Own my health decisions fully (not what the media, magazines or big pharma says to do), from my attitude, excercise, down to every food purchase, snack, and item on my plate. My food can and should be my medicine!

So…what does that look like?

I was pretty close in some areas…off the mark by a mile in others.

The Kauffman diet, basic level one is what I’m living by for now….level two eventually!

And less truly is more.

Things that are now missing from my life and I don’t miss:

  • Sugar of all kinds except pure Stevia (believe it or not…no cravings!)
  • No coffee (most is full of mycotoxins) but I am drinking myotoxin free Bulletproof brand. Yay!
  • Grains of all kinds
  • Peanuts
  • Potatoes, peas and beans of all kinds
  • No bread unless I make it with Buckwheat…which isn’t a wheat at all but a seed (who knew?) or purchase or make it with almond and coconut flour
  • Only berries for fruit in moderation
  • No dairy (I use feta cheese and plain Greek yogurt) Yes to almond milk!
  • Only grass fed beef, chicken, turkey or wild caught fish. And our home raised chicken eggs.

It’s made my life…well,


And yes…I do feel a LOT better. My energy is back, swelling subsiding and tummy pain 90 percent gone. I still have to get that one test….still blech about it, but I must eliminate that concern. Besides…its on the “you need to get this one anyway” list.

I encourage you to at least look up the “Know the Cause.com” website.

If anything just to see WHY I went this route. You may see yourself or someone you love who had an illness that was attributed to one thing, and its root cause was most likely something entirely different!

If you’re at all intellectually curious….check it out!

So…that’s the yummy Buckwheat with walnuts and blueberries bread I made…toasted with almond butter..delish!

And those would be the incredible pumpkin, walnut (with a tad of organic unsweetened coconut) muffins I just made. Glorious!

See…you can still eat simple AND well!

Homemade organic tomato beef soup with carrots, organic cukes and homemade bread.

And for the curious….it was easy going cold turkey!

My biggest concern was missing chocolate…dark chocolate. Seriously!!!

And hurray!! There is even a sugar free delicious chocolate bar that Doug Kauffman recommends… the kids are ordering me a few for Christmas.

Whoop, cant wait!

Now…on the art business front…I’ve been cranking out the work!

To gauge my work against other professionals in my mediums and genres of choice, I have joined quite a few forums and submitted work for review and comment. I’ve actually been quite thrilled and encouraged by the responses!

So look for my pieces on Instagram and dherbertart/fb.

Here’s one of the most recent, also available in giclee! “Full Bore!”

And finally…the AQHA Princess had her teeth floated, gets a body adjustment next week and an assessment ride with the world’s nicest trainer. I’m keeping it simple and stress free on that front as well…..

Because after all, I’m NOT in control…never have been, and surely can trust God to work out the details in ALL areas of my life…including my passions!

Want a quick stretch tip?

Here you go!


So, added to my gratitude list this week;

  • God is always lovingly handling the big and small things!
  • I (and most Americans) have been blessed with so much, that giving back is not a burden!
  • And He allows me to keep learning about His goodness every day!

His mercies are new every morning!

Keeping it simple makes it easy to count your blessings!

What are you grateful for?

One thought on “Less…is WAY more!

  1. This is awesome content, Deb! Thank you for sharing what you’re going through so we too might have a better understanding as we evaluate ourselves and our own health. It sounds like you are on the right path, what a testament to what you can learn on your own with just a little digging. You have to share the bread recipes, they look delicious!!

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