Keeping Quiet…

A couple of my favorite verses are:

“lead a quiet life…and work with your hands…”

(1 Thessalonians 4:11) and

In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.”

(Isaiah 30:15)

Are you picking up on a theme here?

I’ve been in a creative storm, mostly because I’m really working hard on my art making as a business.

(Just finished these drafts! Strong and gloriously beautiful. Just amazing horses!!! 11×14 Colored pencil on Bristol)

I’ve also been exploring new techniques (I got oils…yes, smelly oils. Acrylics are my thing, so way out of my comfort zone!!!) New subjects (like drafts) and styles. It’s been, well…crazy FUN!


Working from home is still radically new for me. I really enjoy the freedom to schedule my time but I am very aware of time itself!

It really does fly.

Failing to plan is planning to fail…right? So, I try to plan to be productive every day!

There’s a big difference between “busy-ness”…and productivity.

Frankly, for me…it’s important to have uninterrupted quiet. The smellavision (aka television) and phone need to be off.

So my brain can be on!!!

Colors, textures, shapes and spaces all get reexamined. New ways of seeing.

Even our dinner has to be appealing to the eye…or blech, not interested. The challenge of preparing organic, delicious and varied meals can be daunting if you don’t have a plan.

My plan:

  • Always go organic.
  • Always include at least 3 colors.
  • Always go for 2/3 vegetables to 1/3 protein.
  • And always make it look appealing

(Piper the Pom photobomber!)

Wild caught salmon cakes, and organic vegetables…yum!

Organic green beans, carrots, nectarines, and

Good stuff!!!

This idea of seeing possible new combinations, textures and colors carries over to other areas.

So when I saw this weird little handmade table at a thrift store I could totally see it in our kitchen. (It matches our huge handmade live edge dining table)

Yup…40.00 treasure snagged!

Now that I’ve kind of brought up the idea of having a plan (with room for creativity), and being in a quiet place to help make the plan work…here’s the thing….sometimes it’s hard work staying quiet. Distractions so easily creep in.

The same thing happens when you ride.

And your horse knows it!!!

You can be present or distracted, but not both! So when your practicing, it’s important to know how to isolate parts of your body to focus on correctness.

Let’s look at how I practice using my leg correctly on Winston!

Are you a “quiet” rider? Have you ever had someone videotape you riding? I know, trust me…I hate having my picture taken… and videos are worse!

But its a way for me to improve. That’s another reason why I love my Equicizer…perfect practice!

And you know what….the not so pretty (but temporary) will usually preceed the “hey, you’ve been working hard, I can see real improvement!!!” comments. Bam!

So mount up! Get present. Eliminate distractions…..

Find your quiet.

Its totally worth it.

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