You never know what one small (seemingly) insignificant action can eventually cause to happen!

I had just finished a couple of pieces of art from my own reference photos and posted updates on my Facebook Hearthstone Studio (dherbertart).

Routine by now…

I’ve begun to understand that a small business takes mindful, constant exposure and marketing.

And patience, and prayer….but I digress.

One early feedback comment asked about the identity of the person (his back is turned) and I verified the correct guess. A few days passed and I noticed the post was shared. That’s usually good. But…

More crickets…..

That’s ok. I’m NOT in charge of anything other than being faithful to my core values, and making the best art I know how to make.

Then one evening I got an instant message…

Hi Deborah, I’m a dear friend of the owner of the horse in the picture with “….” She would love to talk to you about buying the painting. She’s not on FB. Can you please call me so I can give you more information?

“Why sure! I’d be happy to chat with you!”

(Are you kidding…I’m jumping up and down right now)

It turns out that somehow through multiple shares and texts, the picture made its way to this gal, who instantly knew the mare and rider/trainer.

She is dear friends with the owner of the horse (who doesn’t use social media). The gal recently lost this special mare and was still grieving.

At a dinner out together these sweet friends handed the gal a Kleenex and a phone and showed her my painting. She burst into tears….and, well….

The whole series of events is a “Divine intervention thing”!

I’ve made a couple of new friends, sold a painting to the specific person God had wanted to own it….

AND I learned about an amazing new injectable treatment to try for Belle…

Which I ordered yesterday!

Wow…just WOW!!!

Our God even cares about the little things in life…things we think we “just have to live with (or without!).

So…updates on that news for Belle in about a month!

Unbelievable…if I wasn’t living it!

The everyday becomes exciting! 🚀

Back to normal for a moment, whatever that means!

Living in a log home means being creative with space usage. I don’t like clutter, but I do like having things handy…especially things I cook with.

In the kitchen, which is also the dining room…and part time drawing space, I organized shelves for my everyday items. Local raw honey, organic coconut oil, organic olive oils, natural sea salts, ACV, MCT oil, etc…

and the dog treats!

So a view across the tiny rolling island and my yummy morning bulletproof coffee.

That’s when I decided to show you a different view of Winston!

Early mornings are great!

After my barn chores I’ll be working on this new piece. A horse standing in water…a new challenge!

A few hours on that piece, and then I’ll go get horse feed and fresh veggies. I’ll let what I find at the best farm market ever help me plan dinner!

(And here was last night’s yum dinner!)

Fresh organic green beans, organic apple and carrot slices and roast chicken.

The leftover chicken became chicken veggie soup!

What do your weekends look like?Moments of fun? Is there any room for spontaneity? Reflection?

Do you slow down enough to see God’s hand on your life?

I hope so….one of those amazing ripples of His may be about to touch you right now!
Proverbs 16:9

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Have a wonderful, blessed day!

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