Getting Closer…Staying Longer! (Or Subtitled: Laughing off what would have set me back…back then!)

Good horsemanship is learned mostly by acquiring wisdom through experience…and sometimes by watching others “have an experience”!

If someone had been watching me last Friday, they could have checked off a new item for their list. After they got over laughing.

I have a dinner plate size black and purple bruise on top of my thigh to prove it. (Even my trainer Karen was impressed by it…and she’s tough as nails)

(Dinner plate picture for illustrative purposes only… My bruise is much more…well…ok, lets just say…nasty)

Ok….quick rundown on

….the incident.

Try not to become a part of an equine sandwich.

You know, when you inadvertently get sandwiched between two horses.

In this case AQHA dressage diva Belle who was getting a delicious belly scratch from me…and the insatiabley curious and cheeky mini horse Caspian… approaching.

Caspian, as he sneaks up behind me: “Mommmmm….I want a belly scratch too!”

Belle: “Don’t EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Me: “Hold on, let me move over….OWWWW! SHOOT!!! GOOD GRIEF BELLE”!

The MARE decided to warn off the mini…and unfortunately I, the MOM stepped the wrong way at the wrong moment!

Full force bite on top of my thigh. ARG!

If it didn’t hurt so bad it would have made a hysterical video…as I was holding my leg, hollering at Belle and waving off Caspian.

I gave up thinking it was a teachable moment and hobbled to the tack room to get an ice pack (Yes, every well equipped tack room has a mini fridge, cold water, ice packs, carrots and a hidden dark chocolate covered marshmallow).

I held the ice pack on my leg for 10 minutes before I dared take a look at the skin under my jeans. Let’s just say I am VERY thankful to the Lord that I had chosen to wear jeans and not my thin riding tights.

So, into the house, more icing, elevation and red light therapy. A full day’s worth!

Sooo glad I invested in a hand held red light therapy tool, it has made a huge difference in healing. (I use it all the time, for humans and horses)

And thank goodness for Winston my Equicizer!


Swinging up in the saddle on Winston Saturday was not only a safe test of whether I should ride, but also a gentle, then gradually more rigorous work out between my lessons.

So after 5 days, I am very black and blue, still some swelling, but 98% pain free.

AND still…

had a GREAT riding lesson Tuesday!

Tuesday am:

Unenthusiastic Belle slogged around on the lunge line, seriously lacking motivation.

Then when I was walking her to the mounting block she dragged her feet in her classic…. “and now….I will show you the death march of my people” walk.

But after mounting up with both dressage whips in hand, and Karen working us through lots of transitions, changes in direction, circles, diagonal, leg yields and serpentines…Belle actually went beautifully! Fit and flowing, tracking up. Forward!! REALLY! Hurray!

She’s ready for canter work next week…. Phenomenal!

AND by the way, near the end of a particularly nice set of movements I paused to hand Belle a treat (normal mid-rigorous training routine a year ago). But nooo…Miss Thing decided “lesson over”.

And the bad mare behavior was beginning to start….

I quickly used my new tool in the tool box and brought each whip up on either side of her without touching and got her trotting again right away. THAT was fast, efficient and in control. Bam! YAY!!! Treats now dispensed at the END of the ride dear!

I want to show you a snippet of my other emotional improvement as well.

If you like pretty colors, they are indicative of my heart rate differences. Now…the single spike is before my lesson, the normal gradual building up to red and then down is during my lesson.

Did you see that Tuesday the 8th was a bit lower of a single pre-ride spike then last week??? Whoop!Getting closer….staying longer!

It’s about the PROCESS! Speaking of…. these are gems of wisdom I jotted down from a great sermon I heard online Sunday, check them out! (

Most people want to focus on the goal…..NOT the PROCESS.

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. I have to take the step first…THEN He will strengthen me.

The devil wants me to believe the present is permanent!

Get back on!

Ride for the LORD!
Be anxious for nothing…

Good stuff! (And I know my life verse was in that sermon for a reason!)

And now a peek at dinner.

Love me some wild caught salmon patty burgers! And organic everything on the plate. These are some colors to make the heart and tummy happy!!!

Totally, deliciously healthy!

Finally, meet another family member… Miss “India”,

as in…. INK. She kind of rules the roost, or in this case, the saddle.

And a shot of one of my paintings from a recent show, this one is a scene from the ranch across the road. Yup….blessed to live “out”.

Wishing you peaceful riding, and time to “get closer, stay longer”!

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